The Dark Water Series

What goes on a serial killer’s mind? And why?

Even the darkest of villains love their mother. Don’t they? This is a trilogy that explores a multitude of family dynamics between siblings, couples and generations, and the far-reaching effects of dysfunctionality between them.

Every behaviour has a drive behind it. No one is born bad. Or are they? The books within this trilogy explore the psychology of the serial killer, whilst also telling the victims’ stories.

But the most obvious victims are not the only victims. The Dark Water Series shines a light on those often overlooked, the perpetrator’s family, left to carry the weight of guilt and shame in the aftermath of someone else’s actions. The same question is repeated on several occasions, how could they not have known?

This trilogy of three dark domestic thrillers pushes the families involved to the limits of all endurance.

Choose The Dark Water Series as your next read to discover not only ‘who dunnit,’ but why…

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