Left Hanging

"Wow! The pace and precision of this latest novel from Maria Frankland with its incredible twists and turns is nothing short of superb storytelling!! This is crying out to be made into a BBC drama!" (Amazon Reviewer)

Within a marriage can be the sweetest, or the darkest place to be.

How much hatred can exist between those who should love each other?

Ed and Kerry Huntington-Barnes have an idyllic life, with their five-year-old twins, successful careers, a luxurious house and an affluent lifestyle.  Yet the secrets they’re harbouring force their separation.  Kerry is fighting her own demons, amongst which is the knowledge that she is the wrong gender for her husband to ever truly love her.

Parallel to this is the death of a local man, Russell Lawson, which affects both Ed and Kerry in different ways.  Will his widow Davina, and the other shadows that surround their separation and Russell’s death, destroy their lives, and their sons’ lives even further?

Available as e-book, paperback & audio

"Another brilliant read from this very talented author. The twists and turns of the storyline really kept me hooked, right to the last page. Having already read The Man Behind Closed Doors, I was expecting a quality read and definitely wasn’t disappointed. Up there with the best!!" (Amazon Reviewer)

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