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Don’t Call Me Mum

When you’re pushed to the limit as a parent, where can you turn?

Don't Call Me Mum

Tom is hyperactive, with severe behavioural issues.  In infancy, he screams all night.  As a toddler he is destructive and fearless.   At school, he is disruptive and lacking in concentration.  As he grows, so does the havoc, reaching a crescendo in his teenage years.

In her quest for support, Sarah consults every specialist available to her, to be met with blame and indifference.  This compulsive story of an outcast family, challenges the ‘I blame the parents’ view.  It is a ‘must-read’ for any parent who struggles and feels alone.  It has been described as a 'page turner,' where readers feel they are are reading a novel, rather than a memoir.

2nd edition out now

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