Audio Books

Don't Call Me Mum!

A gripping page-turner of family anguish and a mother’s solitary fight against the system.

“I read this book in a day. Its fast paced and a real page turner, the first page was a real hooker.”

The Last Cuckoo

When the dynamics of a blended family take a sinister turn.

"Gripping! Intense! Blood-Curdling! Was on the edge of my seat until the last page!  A story about how a family can be ripped apart by jealousy."

The Man Behind Closed Doors

A victim of his wife's abuse... But who will believe him?

"What a brilliant storyline! I was totally engrossed all the way through - it's harrowing and full of twists.

Left Hanging

What price would you pay to save your marriage?

"Maria Frankland does it again! I’m becoming addicted!"



The Yorkshire Dipper

What would you risk to bring the truth to the surface?

"As usual, very true to life, very believable. As the pace of the story picked up it felt like I was living it with them, moments in which my breathing increased.

Hit and Run

What price would you pay to save your marriage?

"I love Maria's style of writing and how it pulls you in, holds you tight and doesn't release you until the last page."


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